WILDCOAST’s Floating Laboratories are Helping to Conserve our Marine Protected Areas


This summer and fall, WILDCOAST is carrying out an exciting project to engage San Diego County students in the conservation of the region’s marine protected areas, or MPAs. Through our Floating Laboratory project, students from the Sycuan Teen Center, La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians, San Ysidro Girl Scout Troop 5912 and Imperial Beach Junior Lifeguards are conducting real scientific research on the water to help guide MPA management decisions and enhance their ability to protect coastal and marine resources.

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Thank You for Another Successful BAJA BASH!

2016 WildCoast Baja Bash

WILDCOAST’s 4th Annual Baja Bash was again a huge success thanks to many people, volunteers, sponsor companies, organizations and foundations that support our work to conserve our coasts and oceans.

Special thanks to all our wonderful chefs, Javier Plascencia, Drew Deckman, Flor Franco, Bianca Castro-Cerio, and Luiciano Scagliarini for making it a truly unique and delicious experience, and to Baja Food and Wine, Don Ramon Tequila and Firestone Walker Brewery for providing us amazing drinks.

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The Baja Bash is this Saturday!

The Baja Bash is this Saturday, June 25
5:00 pm – 9:00pm
at the Coronado Bay Yacht Club
1631 Strand Way, Coronado, CA 92118


Join in the fun and become part of the conservation of some of the most beautiful and pristine bays, beaches, lagoons, islands, and coral reefs in California, Mexico, and now Cuba.


Hope to see you there!

We will have a fun-filled day packed with silent auctions, music, drinks and amazing food!!: Baja Bash Schedule



WILDCOAST Launches Waste Tire Recycling Pilot Project in Tijuana


WILDCOAST was thrilled to launch the Waste Tire Recycling Pilot Project in Tijuana today with project partners Secretary of Environmental Protection for the State of Baja California (SPA), GEN (Promotora Ambiental S.A. de CV)  and supported by a grant from CalRecycle.  This innovative, collaborative project will be carried out from May 2016-April 2017 in partnership with the State Governments of Baja California and California with WILDCOAST as the project coordinator.
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Join WILDCOAST for National Bike Month 2016!!


What is the best way to get to the beach, use your nature based recreation areas, and enjoy your coastal trail systems? By bike of course! In celebration of National Bike Month 2016, WILDCOAST will be leading the events listed below. As part of our US-Mexico Border program, we will be promoting the use of trail systems in the Tijuana and Otay River Watersheds, connectivity of open space areas through bike planning, and coastal access for biking. Join us on Saturday May 14 in San Ysidro, Friday May 20 for a binational Bike to Work Day, and Saturday May 21 for our annual Discover Otay Valley Regional Park Day!! Be sure to wear a helmet!!

Also, check out the cool article below on our efforts in the border region to promote biking and connectivity of open space systems.


For more information contact John Holder, Border Coordinator at 619 417 8736.

What do mangroves, rock and roll and big wave surfers have in common?

Well if you ask rock band Linkin Park, pro surfers Koa Smith and Koa Rothman, and the people of Bahia Magdalena, the answer is simple. They know that mangroves are life.
They are the most productive and biologically important plants on the planet, for wildlife and people.  They protect coastal communities. They give us fish. They provide us with the air we breath in and store the air we breath out (CO2). Without them, sea turtles would have nothing to eat and many birds would have no where to live or rest. The desert mangrove forests of Bahia Magdalena are some of the most important plant species on Earth. (See March 28 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)

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Cabo Pulmo National Park Expedition 2016


In April WILDCOAST brought friends and supporters to the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, one of the world’s most successful marine protected areas and a cornerstone for wildlife and ecosystems in the Sea of Cortez, to see our conservation work in action.

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How ocean pollution affects humans [Infographic]

Our returning guest blogger Andrew Dilevics from DIVE.in, a scuba diving online magazine, recently created a powerful infographic that shows the effects that ocean pollution has on humans. 

“The world is covered up to 72% in Ocean and it is these oceans that are the reason for life on earth. They provide over 70% of the oxygen that we breathe as well as 97% of the world’s water supply. Without them, we would not exist.

However, everyday the oceans come under attack from pollution, which is causing severe damage to the biggest ecosystem on the planet. Did you know that every year, over 8 million tons of plastic is being dumped into the ocean on purpose? Plastic is one of the largest factors of pollution and is threatening to wipe out many marine species. It is frightening to think that 50% of the plastics that we buy only get used once, such as plastic carrier bags and water bottles, which inevitably end up in the ocean once we dispose of them.

If you would like to know more about ocean pollution and how it affects marine life as well as life on earth, take a look at the fascinating infographic below, created by the team at divein.com.

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Don Diego Mining Project REJECTED!

GRACIAS (1).jpg

VICTORY! The Don Diego underwater mine project proposed for seabed near Magdalena Bay and San Juanico was rejected this morning by Mexico’s Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT). The project, which intended to dredge 224,866 acres of sea bed for 50 years off of Baja California Sur’s Pacific Coastline, was denied due to the negative impact it would have on marine wildlife including endangered loggerhead sea turtles and gray whales.

The project was heavily criticized by fishermen, NGOs, and even state and local agencies due to its environmental impacts and the irreversible damage it would have on some of the most productive fisheries in Mexico .

We would like to thank SEMARNAT for a very public process and for making the right decision to protect Mexico’s coastal resources!

Photo by Claudio Contreras/WILDCOAST

Exciting Times for MPA Watch


Photo credit: Heal the Bay

This past week was an exciting one for MPA Watch.

As everybody who works in conservation knows, protecting anything is an ongoing task. The job doesn’t simply end once the regulations have been written and the signs have been posted. Further work is needed, including ongoing policy work, enforcement, and continued outreach to educate people on the importance of properly managing protected areas. In the case of California’s marine protected areas (MPAs), MPA Watch has been working to fill some of these needs, at least partially.

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