WILDCOAST and ActCoastal Conservation Campaign in the OC Weekly

WILDCOAST and ActCoastal Conservation Campaign in the OC Weekly

WILDCOAST, Surfrider and Environment California have launched a new tool in participatory conservation planning for the California coastline. ActCoastal is a campaign to improve transparency, accountability and participation in the decisions that determine the future of our coast and its rich resources.

The California Coastal Commission, one of the most powerful planning commissions in the world, is responsible for these decisions. Each month, ActCoastal will analyze and report the voting records of the twelve appointed Coastal Commissioners on issues that impact our beaches and wetlands. Commissioners will be graded on whether they are upholding the Coastal Act and effectively managing the state’s shoreline and its uses. The campaign will also provide tools and information to facilitate and improve public participation in Coastal Commission hearings. Read on in this recent OC Weekly article about ActCoastal’s most recent updates.


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